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Item 203124

Item 203124

Vinyl enclosed trailer lettering 6×10 high coverage standard

Vinyl enclosed trailer lettering 6×10 high coverage standards

Product Details

HIGH COVERAGE vinyl package has Maximum Visibility & Brand Recognition. The best way for your company or brand to be seen and recognized. The highest visibility ensures your message is communicated effectively and professionally. The dimensions of this package are 50″ X 113″ on the right and 47″ X 66″ left side of the vehicle and 30″ x 58″ on the back.

CoverageTruck Bed PanelsTailgate
High Coverage50" x 133" / 47" x 66"30" x 58"
Medium Coverage39" x 87" / 39" x 55"24" x 47"
Low Coverage30" x 68" / 16" x 24"N/A

STANDARD GRADE is rated up to 3 years. Standard Grade Vinyl Package has the lowest price point, making it perfect for short term use. It includes Standard Ink and Standard Vinyl.

High Coverage$546$600$764$917
Medium Coverage$442$486$618$742
Low Coverage$182$200$254$305