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Custom Outdoor Business Signs & 3D Letters

Engineered to Last!

Here at the, we offer a wide range of outdoor signs, from channel letters to hanging aluminum signs and vinyl banners. If you’re not sure what kind of sign you want, check our options below, sorted by mounting options for your convenience.

Custom Outdoor Business Signs & 3D Letters

Engineered to Last!

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Get the Extraordinary Outdoor Signage Your Brand Deserves.

Get the Extraordinary Outdoor Signage Your Brand Deserves.

You can select & review sign options by mounting method.

Or choose a specific sign material further down this page

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Why is sign shopping so dang tough?

We understand how hard it can be to find the right sign company, especially in this highly volatile business environment.

Figuring out the best commercial signage to use outdoors can be an equally time-consuming task.

Cut that time in half by connecting with a Sign Specialist today.




It’s an astounding fact – about 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month.

The best way to take advantage of that is to put a well-designed, well-placed sign on your property. You are paying good money for your location to make it work to your advantage. A custom outdoor business sign provides the opportunity to convert your business location into cash. Additionally, outdoor signs create a visual identity for your business and attract customers.

Aluminum Real Estate Signs

Cast Metal Plaques


What our clients saying?

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Your Design Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

This unique Guarantee is only offered by
We guarantee you will be delighted with your final design, or your Money Back – simple as that.

Product Information for Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Outdoor Business Signs

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Click on the button to fill out a quote from or give us a call at 800.899.6872. Our friendly sign specialists will guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you receive the awesome signage you deserve.

Frequently asked questions

You can design a personalized sign according to your measurements and graphics using our free online design software, Sign Magic.

Please visit our free tool to size your sign’s letters according to your customer’s exact vantage point, the Letter Sizing Calculator. We will ask you about the distances your sign needs to be viewed from and give you the right size!

Yes! We produce carved HDU signs that will give your sign the depth you are looking for. We use a weather-resistant material that will last. See our pricing calculator.

Yes! Please feel free to submit artwork to in advance of any requests for quotes or design consultations. We will incorporate your requirements into the process!

You can change the shape of your sign to match your logo or mascot, with 13 different materials, from acrylics to cast metal plaques as options. Please be sure to mention the custom shape during checkout and we will customize the sign’s shape according to your specifications!

Please visit our free tool for narrowing down just what material is ideal for your signage, the Sign Material Selection Wizard. We will ask you a series of questions about your sign, and what sets it apart in terms of its environment. Then, we will provide you with a set of options tailored to your environment!

Yes! We have an app for that! Through our Premium Live Design Service you can watch the graphic designer work in real time and immediately give your feedback. We hope to fulfill your exact specifications in a 15 to 30 minute process.

Check out all of our products which range from 3D letters and logos to coroplast plastic to hanging signage and more. The list goes on!

Excellence Guaranteed.

Sign MaterialOutdoorIndoor2-SidedCustom ShapeMaximum Shape
3D Letters & LogosYesYesNoYes60" Height
Acrylic / PlexiglasYesYesNoYes4' x 8'
Acrysteel Plastic YesNoNoYes8' x 20'
ADAYesYesNoYes24" x 16"
AlumaliteYesNoYesNo5' x 10'
AluminumYesYesYesYes6' x 20'
Armour-Wood YesNoYesYes4' x 10'
BannersYesYesYesNo8' x 150'
Channel Letters YesYesNoYes60" Height
CoroplastYesYesYesYes5' x 10'
DecalsYesYesNoYes5' x 150'
DibondYesYesYesYes5' x 12'
Dry-Erase Boards YesYesNoYes5' x 12'
Dura-Wood YesNoYesYes4' x 10'
Engraved Signs YesNoYesYes4' x 10'
Falcon Board NoYesYesYes4' x 10'
Foam Core UltraNoYesYesNo4' x 10'
HDUYesYesYesYes8' x 10'
Lexan PlasticYesNoNoYes8' x 20'
Lighted Signs YesYesYesYes8' x 20'
Magnetic Signs YesYesNoYes4' x 10'
MDO Plywood YesNoYesYes4' x 10'
Metal Plaques YesYesYesYes3' x 4'
Panaflex Lighted Face YesYesNoYes10' x 40
Polyethylene Plastic YesYesYesYes4' x 8'
PVC Plastic NoYesYesYes5' x 10'
Redwood Sandblasted YesNoYesYes8' x 16'
Styrene NoYesNoYes4' x 8'
Vinyl Decals YesYesNoYes5' x 150'
Vinyl Letters YesYesNoYes5' x 150'
Western Red YesYesYesYes8' x 16'
Window PerfYesYesYesNo5' x 150'